Our Story

The name Odd Muse is inspired by the modern world today. Social Media in conjunction with the Fashion Industry has become somewhat overwhelming at times for women, to say the very least. Odd Muse is firm reminder to all women that you do not need to look any sort of way or be any sort of person. You are you, and you are a Muse and if in modern day society that is considered odd, just call us Odd Muses.
Odd Muse introduces a slower side of fashion to the womenswear premium high street market, each piece is designed with timeless style and a quality to survive the seasons. We pride ourselves on offering our customers Investment Fashionin a world where Fashion has become so fast pace and wasteful. Fashion is something we should invest in, something we should pass down to our daughters.
All pieces are designed in-house and exclusive to Odd Muse. We pride ourselves on delivering exclusive, elevated pieces fit for seasons to come.
Thank you so much for your support,
love Aimee x
Odd Muse London